Tiffany Afflick – The Cooking Yam

Tiffany Afflick – The Cooking Yam

Tiffany is a Loughborough graduate in sport and exercise science and has spent the past two years providing sports nutrition support to British Swimming athletes. Since obtaining an Advanced Diploma in Sports Nutrition, Tiffany began The Cooking Yam, which was originally used to share simple, nutritious recipes to the public via social media, but now offers many additional services.


As part of The Cooking Yam’s offering, Tiffany provides nutritional support for the general public and elite athletes, healthy snack orders for Olympians, and now delivers a variety of nutritional workshops for people of all skill and sports levels. Tiffany’s ambition is to show the world that whether you’re a working parent or a world-class athlete, we should all enjoy nutritious, delicious food - and it’s simpler than we think.


Session: Loughborough Panel 

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