Richard Szilagyi - Grad22

Richard Szilagyi - Grad22

Richard is a CEO of Grad22 & a continuous improvement strategist within digitalized environments with a status of TOP100 (2017) & TOP500 (2018) awards within the UK Engineering Sector. In his free time, Richard is passionate about sport, travel & meeting new people. Part of a successful outreach community that helps people advance in their life.

Grad22 is solving the Catch22 of graduate employment & Matching students to real-world, business-run projects.


Session: Business future heroes

Founders of new ideas have visions of the world and how their passions can affect a change for a better future. Building a business on a solid foundation is becoming more challenging each day. The skills gap, funding, volatile markets, climate change, dynamic supply chains, digitalization & Industry 4.0 and aggressive competitors. How does an entrepreneur become fighting fit and innovate to knock out the competition? Or is the future about winning with your competition?

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