Rebecca Willey – IPSE

Rebecca Willey – IPSE

Rebecca supports self-employed people to develop their skills and works with universities and schools to provide careers advice on self-employment. Rebecca has nearly 10 years’ experience in enterprise education and learning and development, working for organisations across the higher education sector.

IPSE is the largest association supporting and representing freelancers and self-employed professionals in the UK. Supporting the significant increase in the number of young people becoming freelancers, consultants, contractors and self-employed, IPSE works in partnership with universities across the UK to ensure students and graduates are prepared to succeed in their independent careers.


Session: Freelancers are changing the world of work, are you ready to join them?

Whether you identify as being self-employed, a freelancer, a contractor, a business owner or an entrepreneur, everyone needs to be prepared for working for themselves. Are you aware of the risks and rewards, or the challenges you will need to overcome? Are you unsure whether this way of working is for you? Come along for some top tips on how best to prepare and get your self-employed career off to the best start.


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