Michael Moses - Donaco Ltd.

Michael Moses - Donaco Ltd.

Michael is a strong believer in tech for social good and is  a social entrepreneur himself. He founded Donaco, a tech startup, that automates online fundraising for charities and works with the likes of UNICEF. Through his experience in Investment Management, Risk Management and Engineering firms across three continents, he brings a strong understanding of both the technology and the business needs to take a product to market. Michael holds a Masters in Electrial and Electronic Engineering with Management from Imperial College London.


Donaco is an award-winning startup that works with charities to make online fundraising more efficient. Using automation, they have built smart fundraising tools that allow charities to target and convert donors directly at the moment of intent, thus significantly boosting conversions and reducing acquisition costs. Donaco work with the likes of UNICEF, are supported by Microsoft and Imperial Enterprise and have won several competitions such as the Microsoft Imagine Cup UK.


Session: Building a social startup out of university

Michael is a strong believer in building a sustainable company that can combine purpose and profit. He will walk you through his journey from starting a company at university to securing partnerships with some of the largest charities in the world. He will also explore the many career options available to graduates when they are looking to have an impact.

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