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During my final year at university, I decided to work on a potential solution to the many problems I faced on a daily basis as a result of my severe nut allergies. The idea? To make something just like a defibrillator, but for allergies. Since graduating in 2020 that idea has quickly become a reality.

From 2021-22 we ran a successful pilot phase with schools across England, raised funding, won awards including London’s ‘Mayor’s Entrepreneur Award’ and the ‘Santander X Launch Award’, and partnered with industry professionals including ALK.

At the start of 2023, our Anaphylaxis Kitt service officially launched and we received incredible feedback from schools and academies nationwide as we provided them with a dependable supply of emergency adrenaline pens with a wall mountable kit, CPD-accredited training, and more - all-in-one convenient subscription service.

We recently broke through a huge milestone - 200 schools across the UK have now signed up with our Anaphylaxis Kitt service! That means that 100,000 people (staff & students) now have access to emergency adrenaline pens which can be used to treat a severe allergic reaction but this is only the beginning. In the future, our goal is to become every defibrillator's next-door-neighbour.



Along with millions of people across the UK, I struggle with my food allergies almost everyday of my life. I have to carry two adrenaline pens on me at all times. However, these regularly go out of date and are easy to forget. In fact, a recent study showed that over 40% of allergy sufferers don’t carry an adrenaline pen with them when they go out.

Anyone can develop an allergy to anything at any time in their lives - in fact, 20% of serious anaphylaxis incidents in UK schools occur in children with no prior history of allergies. Looking directly at schools, there are an estimated 1-2 children with allergies in every classroom across the UK.

Allergies are often misunderstood, stigmatised and even joked about, but a severe allergic reaction (‘anaphylaxis’) can cause serious harm, and in some cases, death, especially when emergency medications and training isn't accessible.



Through our Anaphylaxis Kitt service costing just £650 per Kitt per year, schools receive an all-in-one package, including:

- Wall-mounted Kitts that look and feel just as important as defibrillators, creating a conversation around allergies that displays their severity and tackles the stigma.

- 2 X 300mcg and 2 X 150mcg adrenaline pens, provided on subscription to schools directly through our partnership with the pharmaceutical producer, ALK, with guaranteed long-shelf-life.

- All adrenaline pen replenishments are taken care of for no extra fees regardless of usage or expiry, saving time and money.



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