Kevin Lee - Mobilized Construction

Kevin Lee - Mobilized Construction

Kevin Lee is the founder and CEO of Mobilized Construction. Kevin has been an entrepreneur since his youth, working in his parent’s food truck and running an eBay reseller business. He believes entrepreneurship offers critical first-hand experience to learn how ideas operate differently in implementation. Kevin previously worked as an investment banker, strategy consultant, and designer. Kevin graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States.


Mobilized Construction provides real-time data and analytics to assess road quality and conditions for cities and local authorities. Faster detection of potholes and road hazards increase road safety and reduce road repair costs, extending the limited road repair budgets of local authorities. Mobilized Construction have worked in London, Northern Ireland, and Kenya.


Ideas to implementation: Tactics for your first steps 

Entrepreneurs have hundreds of decisions to make to get a business up and running yet only have limited budgets. This workshop will cover through the most important topic entrepreneurs often overlook, product-market fit, so you can focus on solving customer needs to generate revenue.

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