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Enturi's first personal touchpoint to the climate emergency was back in 2017, when one of Enturi's co-founders was posted to the Borneo rainforest on a military posting. From the air, the incomprehensible scale of deforestation and petroleum manufacturing was truly revealed, leaving an impact that is as prevalent today as it was in 2017. Upon returning to the UK, Enturi's co-founding team met at the University of Liverpool when both studying aerospace engineering and management degrees, both going on to achieve a Commission in the Royal Air Force Reserves. And it was the combination of the global crisis, a moment of clarity (Borneo), and the right partner that led to the creation of Enturi. 

Our focus, diversifying net-zero technologies. 



The UK’s 11,000-mile coastline offers vast wind energy potential, yet the maritime sector lags decades behind other sectors in net zero development, due to accessibility issues associated with local clean energy systems (such as noise, high space requirements, energy intermittence, and aging infrastructure). In turn, this is reducing resilience to energy price fluctuations, inhibiting clean energy accessibility, and the attainment of decarbonisation objectives.



Enturi has spent the past two years developing a patent-pending, turbocharged, 6kW-rated micro wind turbine that reduces prevalent environmental impacts and delivers a breakthrough clean energy system, the Enturi eStation. Our portable, plug-in system (integrated with battery storage and secure IoT) will exploit consistent coastal wind to deliver 60kW of power for EV charging and wiser uses to support decarbonisation and electrification goals, saving up to £40,000 per year on energy bills and mitigating up to 50,000kg CO2e per annum, by transitioning energy use from the fossil fuel mix of the National Grid to locally generated clean energy.



Dream with ambition, fuel with action.