Daniel Evans - BEC

Daniel Evans - BEC

Founder of Birmingham Enterprise Community (BEC) - Bold Leadership & Big Ideas. As society leaders they are responsible for empowering the next generation of change makers and encouraging them to think big and act bold. In this session you will find out more how they encourage this type of behaviour within their societies which can act as a catalyst for growing strong, vibrant student enterprise communities.

BEC now engages student entrepreneurs across a whole region and is helping to build a community of student entrepreneurs across the West Midlands who can support each other in their journeys. It is a perfect example of what happens when societies are led by bold leaders with big ideas.


Session: Shipwreck Survival: Becoming Resourceful to Stay Alive & Thrive

Sometimes starting a business can feel like you've just landed on a deserted island after a shipwreck - you are in unknown surroundings with little resources and are in a race against time to come up with a plan to stay alive for long enough to get off the island. The faster you can gather resources, find ideas, prototype & test those ideas and develop a rock solid plan, the higher the chance of survival. The startup journey is the same - you must quickly get together your resources, ideas and plan to increase the chance of surviving long enough to reach the stage of generating revenue and becoming self-sustaining. In this session we will take a look at how entrepreneurs can develop the skill of resourcefulness - looking to gain the resources you need quickly, using novel strategies to acquire resources and then how to deploy these resources to generate maximal impact. Getting the most out of resources is essential for startups when resources are often limited.

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