A catch up with bio-bean

A pair of graduates from UCL entered our Varsity Pitch Competition 2013 with their company bio-bean. Arthur Kay and Benjamin Harriman pitched their business ‘bio-bean’ to a panel of expert judges and triumphed in the Tata Blue Skies Award for Disruptive business category.  


Bio-bean is an innovative green energy company that collects used coffee grounds and turns them into fuel. The used coffee grounds are then turned into biodiesel and biomass pellets that are sold on. We caught up with the guys a year on to see what they've been up to and how they're progressing. 

It's been a year since you entered the Varsity Pitch Competition 2014 and you've been very busy! What have you been up to since?

Since the Varsity Pitch, bio-bean has progressed a huge amount. We've grown our team to 12 people, including experts in a number of fields and we've taken on our first round of investment. We've also secured a 20,000 sqft processing facility, which has enabled us to carry out a series of large-scale trials with prominent coffee companies.

What exciting things have you got in the pipeline?

Now that we've established our processing plant, we can increase our production to full scale within London. Once we've done this – we’ll scale out our operations across the UK, before expanding internationally.

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