Let the Countdown Begin! 32 Days to NACUE’s Student Enterprise Conference 2018

Let the Countdown Begin! 32 Days to NACUE’s Student Enterprise Conference 2018

Check out these 6 cool reasons as to why you shouldn’t miss out on Europe’s Biggest Student Enterprise Conference.

1. Three amazing Tedx talks under one roof...and a BIG roof!

Jodie Cook – Saturday opening keynote – Jodie is the Co-founder of Clever Tykes enterprise education storybooks and teaching resources. Owner of JC Social Media. After starting a social media agency at the age of 22, Jodie Cook became fascinated with the childhood influences that encourage enterprise and entrepreneurship. Creating useful people | Jodie Cook | TEDxAstonUniversity.

Melody Hossaini – Sunday closing keynote – Melody is the founder and CEO of InspirEngage International. In 2015, the European Parliament awarded Melody as the 'New European's Most Influential Woman'. As a world-leading expert in people development and social enterprise, she has designed the InspirEngage Bootcamps to maximise human potential. The social enterprise revolution: Melody Hossaini at TEDxKLWomen 2013

Charles Radclyffe - Saturday Panel “When is the right time to start?” – Charles is an Associate Partner at Elixirr and a Serial Entrepreneur. He has focused his career on solving tough technology challenges for some of the world's largest organisations. A self-confessed 'geek' at heart, Charles has built and sold three technology companies so far in his career and in his spare time passionately supports and mentors young entrepreneurs and start-up teams. Three Steps to Surviving the Robot Revolution | Charles Radclyffe | TEDxBristol

2. How should professionals show up online - Rock your profile

Manuel Heichlinger from LinkedIn will be putting together an amazing closing keynote on Saturday. He will be teaching our delegates how to create a great LinkedIn profile and how to stand out from the crowd.

3. Matthew Turner’s workshop “How To Turn Your Next Mistake into Your Biggest Success Yet (in 7 simple steps)”. In this session, delegates will learn about the seven stages that people go through after they make a mistake or fail in business and see how experienced, successful people navigate these stages compared to those with less experience.  They’ll find out about the role mistakes play and how these affect future employment, discovering the secret link and the role an enterprising mindset plays in today’s workplace.

4. Go viral for Good with Hatch4Good

8 budding students from St. Andrews University will take over the Student Enterprise Conference as they launch a zero waste viral challenge.  Delegates will be taught all they need to know about doing a viral challenge and work in teams to create a viral challenge video. At the end of the conference teams will pitch their challenge and showcase their video with the winning team walking away with a prize. This challenge is great to work with like-minded people, meet potential co-founders and swap skills. 

5. Coding workshop for complete beginners

Girls in Tech – will be running a bite sized, hands on exercise to introduce delegates to the wonders of coding. The session will be aimed at beginners.

6. Staying sane and healthy in your entrepreneurial trek

Being your own boss can be a very interesting and exciting move to take, working on something you feel passionately about, being able to set your own hours and having some control over how you work. But the reality is that many small business owners face financial stress, professional isolation, long hours and blurred boundaries between home and family life. All of these factors can have a huge impact on your mental health. For the first time at a Student Enterprise Conference we will have a workshop on Mental Health and Startups led by George from Sanctus; in this session delegates will find out firsthand how George started his first tech company at Uni, raised $1M but dropped out in his 2nd year and the effect this had on his mental health and what he wished he'd known back then. 

Since we are on healthy lifestyles, we cannot forget to mention that we’ll have a Hula Hoop session on Sunday morning. Wait did someone say Hula Hooping... at a conference?!? Yes, we will have the lovely Rachel from Spinsonic Hoops who will be teaching us some amazing circus tricks.

We are sure that all of the above has made you even more eager to join us at NACUE's 9th Annual Student Enterprise Conference at Aston University, Birmingham on 17th - 18th February 2018.







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