NACUE’s Varsity Pitch changed my attitude

NACUE’s Varsity Pitch changed my attitude

Mind is everything; what you think, you become. 


This belief in me has only amplified since I saw young bright minds pitch their brilliant ideas at NACUE’s Varsity Pitch. 

My first interaction with NACUE was at their event Hackathon, when I was in my first year of university. Going to this event really ignited a sort of passion in me where I realised entrepreneurship was not just about engineers, coders and business graduates, it was an open concept. It was a profession of dreams that even a Journalism student such as myself could achieve. 

Everybody can be an entrepreneur. You can be an entrepreneur, I can be an entrepreneur. It’s all about ‘Ideas’ and ideas come from everywhere.

I discovered Varsity Pitch through NACUE and I was instantly drawn to the idea of having a platform to realise my dream. In 2017, my final year of university, I was given the opportunity to attend the Varsity Pitch Grand Final 2017. 

At first, it was intimidating to see students and graduates my age creating businesses that could change the future. As I spoke to more people, I realised that I am very much like them and their journey sounded like mine at some point. They went through a process, a process of developing an idea and truly executing them. They all had one thing in common, the passion to solve a problem. 

The Finals began with an inspiring speech by the Rt. Hon. Sir Vince Cable, MP. leader of the Liberal Democrats. He threw light on the UK’s efforts to make the market easier to navigate for entrepreneurs and the reforms in tax regimes. Sir Vince Cable rightly pointed out, “Keep doing what you are doing.” 

As the finalists began pitching their businesses, it became clear that an idea can come from anywhere, it can be born out of an experience. It was very motivating to see huge corporations and brands backing these finalists and sponsoring categories, so pertinently chosen. Each finalist was asked to showcase innovation, marketability and the financial  viability for their business in a two minute pitch. It is a skill that I aspire to learn. They were all so passionate and definite about what they want their business to be. 

Some finalists like HausBots and Motus Innovations even brought their prototypes which was excellent as I was really able to see the product not just the blueprints. The shake test by Twipes was a super innovative pitch and it was clear that Twipes had their marketing and brand figured out, ready to hit the shelves. 

While all participants left a deep impression on me, it really was the attitude that resonated across the room. Being with like-minded people, collaborative and supportive of each other, left an impact on me. I’d like to see myself on the Varsity Pitch stage someday, pitching an idea close to my heart. 

Motus Innovations was announced as the Winner of Varsity Pitch 2017, with the dream for the dynamic duo becoming more realistic. Motus Innovations was one of many worthy to win because each finalist and their idea was unique and equally deserving. As the event came to an end, one would expect it to close but not at NACUE. It was clear that Varsity Pitch has catapulted each finalist further in their journey. The comrade spirit was more palpable towards the end than ever, as finalists and guests networked and discussed where they go from here. 

It was not an event with a beginning and an end. It was an event which led to many more opportunities for each person in the room. You left the event a changed person from when you entered. At least, for me. 

I went to watch finalists pitch their ideas and a winner win the grand prize but instead I had an epiphany, where I imagined myself living that moment. NACUE’s Varsity Pitch, for a student like myself, is a launchpad to a successful career. 

Going to the Varsity Pitch has changed my attitude to life. Indeed, mind is everything; what you think, you become. You are the people you meet, you are the conversations you have and you are the experiences you live. One such for me is NACUE’s Varsity Pitch. 




Text by Rituja Rao



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