Meet the 2017 Varsity Pitch Semi-Finalists...

Meet the 2017 Varsity Pitch Semi-Finalists...

The Varsity Pitch 2017 shortlisting is complete and we have a vast array of fabulously talented students and graduates eagerly waiting to pitch their ideas at the semi finals in a week’s time at Wayra, London. All of the category judges, which included Tata, Lloyds Banking Group, PayPal, the Rain Gods, Swiss Re and the University of Westminster were impressed with the high calibre of applicants and anticipate the semi finals being a close call to find the finalist for their category. The voting has closed for the Lloyds People’s Vote and Air-Card with an amazing 3989 votes is the first finalist to go through to the Finals being held at Digital Catapult in November.



CortiCare | Kompas | Ostique | Savi Technology Syrona



BIOHMeducaseClimate Edge | ORB Innovations | Twipes


Activated Ceramic Membrane (ACM) | CortiCare | LightFi | Motus Innovations Ltd | Solely Original


Bomb Petite |  Jenny Evans | Ikigai Factory Ltd. | Talent Trending | waffle


HausbotsFilthyCleanMotus InnovationsRecoil | SecondOpinion 







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