Hear from our amazing sponsor Lloyds Banking Group, sponsoring the Online People's Vote

Hear from our amazing sponsor Lloyds Banking Group, sponsoring the Online People's Vote

As part of our series of interviews, we were honoured to have the opportunity to speak with John Brightwell, Head of Branch Business Banking at Lloyds Banking Group, who shares with us what his motivation has been in partnering with NACUE's Varsity Pitch Competition. 


What has been your favourite part of partnering with the Varsity Pitch Competition over the years? 

It’s been great to meet so many enthusiastic individuals and see new ideas grow and flourish into successful businesses. Also to continue to maintain contact with previous winners to follow their progress and offer support and mentoring.


How start-ups and young entrepreneurs could benefit most from Lloyds Online People's Vote? 

Winning the Online People’s Vote is a huge boost for a business’ credentials but there’s benefit for all those taking part too. Preparing and delivering a business pitch isn’t an easy process and this provides an opportunity to hone those skills with the support and feedback of senior business experts.


What are you looking for in this year's Online People's Vote winner? 

We're looking for something new, something innovative and something that really stands out. We want to see business acumen and skills and ideas that have been refined and developed to create a truly unique business proposition.  


So now you know what Lloyds Banking Group are looking for! So last but not least, we would like to offer a friendly reminder to all the Varsity Pitch applicants that in a week's time, we will be launching the Varsity Pitch Online People's Vote with Lloyds Banking Group, giving one team the chance to be fast be fast-tracked from the application stage straight through to the final. Find out more information here




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