University of Westminster, encouraging students in their startup journey

University of Westminster, encouraging students in their startup journey

This week, as part of our series of interviews with the Varsity Pitch categories' sponsors, we are delighted to introduce you Elishba Zachariach, a Careers Consultant - Start-up Coach and Enterprise Development at the University of Westminster. The University of Westminster is this year's sponsor of Idea category and we are pleased to reveal their exciting motivations to encourage and support young entrepreneurs in their startup journey.


How have start-ups and young entrepreneurs influenced or shaped your organisation?

Young entrepreneurs have influenced the university through the desire to do things differently and come up with innovative ideas. Over a period of time, Westminster has turned into this in a variety of ways by working with NACUE, the Business School has developed an MSc in Entrepreneurship, the sponsorships of international graduates through the T1 Graduate Entrepreneurs Visa and the launch of the Creative Enterprise Centre. 


What are you looking for in an ideal application to the competition as part of the 'Idea Category'?

Ideally, we are interested the individuals' attitude and understanding towards enterprise, their previous experience, clear research, the ability to communicate the idea clearly and commercialise the concept.


Which industries or trends do you expect to see featured in applications this year?

From my personal observations, I have come across a number of entrepreneurs wanting to develop businesses using disruptive technology.


Why did you choose to get involved in the Varsity Pitch Competition? 

Involvement with the Varsity Pitch is important as it exposes us to a range of entrepreneurs from across the university, shows support in this area of work and the importance to encourage students in their start-up journey. 








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