Harvey Morton named as finalist in the University Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2017

Harvey Morton named as finalist in the University Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2017

Long time friend and supporter of NACUE, Harvey Morton has been nominated by Sheffield Hallam University for an award in Entrepreneurship. He has spoken at both the 2016 and 2017 Student Enterprise Conferences and is a great champion for what can be achieved with your business whilst still studying. Read more below about his experiences of the challenge balancing the two can have on your mental health.



Refreshingly Honest Blog on Entrepreneurship and Mental Health Welcomed by Business Community


A young entrepreneur that found success in the IT sector has been applauded for speaking out about the challenges and mental health risks that those launching a business face. Harvey Morton took the decision to publish his insightful blog post on LinkedIn after realising the need to take steps to improve his work-life balance and productivity, a move that’s received a surprising number of responses from entrepreneurs that have been in the same position.  


Juggling numerous different aspects, entrepreneurs are often driven to put in the effort and many hours to achieve success. But Harvey noted that it’s easy to get burnt out and struggle with the criticism business people are often at the end of. The response to the blog post has been overwhelmingly supportive, with many entrepreneurs getting in touch with Harvey to open up about their own personal experiences. Harvey hopes that his article can act as a catalyst to remove the stigma associated with mental health and encourage more entrepreneurs to comment on their struggles.         


Harvey said, “People often see the success that entrepreneurs achieve but the struggles and pressure that have led to those accomplishments are often overlooked. My experiences showed that there’s definitely a lack of resources and a community when it comes to the mental health of business owners. Since taking a step back from the businesses every now and again I’ve found that my firm’s operations have actually improved and I’m far more productive. I wanted other entrepreneurs that read the blog to realise that they’re not alone and there are steps that can be taken to relax without negatively affecting the business.”


At the tender age of 15, Harvey set up his own IT support company after being inspired by the The BIG Challenge competition funded by the Sheffield City Council, which gave competitors just £25 to launch their business dream. Since then the company has expanded rapidly thanks to its focus on customer service. Now combining web design, app development, media production, and social media management, Harvey Morton IT Support has worked with some iconic brands, including Alton Towers, NACUE, and Westminster Kingsway College.



With an eye on always striving for improvement and a dedication to offering his clients more, Harvey is also currently enrolled Sheffield Hallam University, studying business and enterprise management. Recognised as one of the institutions top business people, he has been named a finalist in the University Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2017. He’ll be conducting in a business pitch in September with the hopes of securing the award and the £5,000 business funding prize.


To find out more about Harvey Morton IT Support visit harveymorton-itsupport.com/.


Read Harvey Morton’s full blog post ‘My Mental Health as an Entrepreneur’ here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/my-mental-health-entrepreneur-harvey-morton






Harvey Morton founded his company Harvey Morton IT Support in 2013 and over the last five years the business has gone from strength to strength. Now providing an extensive range of services, from web design to social media management, the firm has built up a stellar reputation with clients. Based in Sheffield, Harvey Morton IT Support has become one of the largest digital marketing agencies located in the city.

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