Leadership Academy Bootcamp

Leadership Academy Bootcamp

Ever wanted to be part of a leaders community which champions enterprise and entrepreneurship, values meaningful human connections and embraces collaboration?

NACUE invites you to kick off the year with Leadership Academy Bootcamp, which will be hosted in Loughborough University London on the 20th - 21st September 2018.

It will be bursting with inspiring NACUE alumni talks, interactive and knowledge building sessions around leadership, defining a purpose, building a team, evaluation (KPI’s), impact creation and engagement, setting up a successful sustainable strategy to scaling up your society, network opportunities with like-minded people and much more.

This is an amazing opportunity to develop your leadership skills and entrepreneurial mindset, expand your network of like-minded people, exchange knowledge and collaborate with other societies across the U.K. and get your society to the next level by creating impact within your community.

Interested in being part of this leadership community?

Then book quickly to get the best offer! Early birds tickets are available now until the 25th June 2018.



About NACUE's Leadership Academy


NACUE Leadership Academy is a new one year peer-to-peer learning programme, from September to June, specifically designed for student enterprise societies, who want to start, develop or take their societies to the next level.

Our purpose is to create a sense of learning community that empowers tomorrow’s leaders by providing them with the opportunity to share knowledge, shape learning experiences, build and expand their network and develop their leadership skills and entrepreneurial mindset. Simultaneously, this will also open up the chance to voice their achievements, showcase their impact and foster collaboration between societies across the network. Our aim is to support and mobilise student societies by providing the needed tools and techniques to excel and strengthen their impact.

The programme kicks off with a Leadership Academy Bootcamp, hosted in Loughborough University London on the 20th - 21st September 2018.

Throughout the year, you’ll have access to NACUE events and our network and there will be a wrap up of the Leadership Academy event with an Awards Ceremony, where the participating societies have the chance to voice their achievements and showcase their impact across their community and beyond - a day celebrating tomorrow’s leaders. Additionally, we’d like your contribution when we hold targeted online blogs and discussions throughout the year.

  1. Our Impact
  2. Our Mission
  3. Our model

We've achieved a great deal in a short number of years, though there's much more too do in supporting our mission of 'Powering the Enterprise Generation'.




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Powering the Enterprising Generation

Our mission is to support the development of education and student engagement throughout college and universities by championing student enterprise societies and peer-to-peer learning. NACUE started from an extraordinary movement in student entrepreneurship, providing young individuals with a platform to be experimental, creative and inspiring in their approach to enterprise and entrepreneurship, encouraging a bottom-up approach to inspiring the next generation.

Today, we see over 200 enterprise societies, powered by peer-to-peer groups, who are championing the success of young people throughout their interactive programmes by forging collaborative relationships with their institutions to provide greater experience and development opportunities for their peers. Establishing regional links with locals SME’s who are keen to open their doors to emerging talented, proactive and enthusiastic graduates perpetuates this.

Our work is dedicated to supporting the development and encouragement of entrepreneurship amongst young individuals and forms the sole purpose of NACUE. To learn more about NACUE and the services we produce, click here.

As a not-for-profit, we raise charitable donations that allow us to widen the opportunities available to young people in relation to enterprise and entrepreneurship, strengthening student engagement, the quality of education and connecting and representing student enterprise societies and student entrepreneurs worldwide.

NACUE is a charitable organisation that supports 32,000 students and young people every year. As funding becomes harder to obtain, we rely on the generous support of donors to ensure our programs can continue to change the lives and aspirations of the younger generation.

A donation of any size goes a long way to furthering our work and really is greatly appreciated. Every gift matters in aiding our mission of ‘Powering the Enterprising Generation' but we mainly rely upon the generosity of our members and alumni to do this. By making a single or regular donation you can make a big difference. To learn more about how you can donate, please follow the links below.


Large national network

NACUE are delighted to have supported a huge number of student-led societies over the years. You can see the number of established student-led societies on an interactive map below





Who we work with


Entrepreneurs are at the very core of NACUE, everything we do is to better the startup and self employment ecosystem. We believe that entrepreneurs will shape the future, and we bolster this through our events, our network and our advocacy.


NACUE works with students in Colleges and Universities right across the UK, helping support them in their entrepreneurial goals and connect them with like minded peers.


NACUE works collaboratively with educators and academics in supporting the development of entrepreneurial mindsets in young people.

Our events

Our events offer the young people we work with the opportunity to connect with our wider network, the experts and seasoned entrepreneurs in our community and the chance to be inspired to take the leap of faith into entrepreneurship. These events are attended by students and graduates from universities and colleges up and down the UK, as well as students from across Europe. Student Societies take centre stage at our events, alongside innovators, game changers and trail blazers of the UK startup ecosystem.

The difference we make

We are supported by

We are proud to have the support of our partners who share our mission and values




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