NACUE is a membership organisation with a mission to create the most impressive student talent pool ever known. We will achieve this through creating the most enterprising generation ever with increased numbers of start-ups by young people.

We grow, connect and advocate on behalf of student entrepreneurs in the UK.

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We have been engaged with 275 Enterprise Societies since our founding and operate in 204 different institutions across the UK. This year we are engaged with over 260 Enterprise Societies.



Students join enterprise societies for a number of reasons, which include but are not limited to:

Improving their C.V.


Attending Social Events

This is what our network gained from their membership of an enterprise society:

73% agreed that they had enhanced their problem solving ability

81% agreed that they were more confident in their ideas

74% agreed that they were more likely to persist in the face of uncertainty & setbacks

81% agreed that they were better at working in teams

81% agreed that they had enhanced their leadership skills

72% agreed that they knew more about organisations & employment opportunities

83% agreed that they were a more confident communicator

73% agreed that they were better able to work under pressure

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NACUE connects student entrepreneurs, not only with each other but also with local businesses and successful, established entrepreneurs. We host five key events annually which include a pitching competition, the biggest student enterprise conference in Europe, as well as our programme Leaders Summit, for assisting with society president handovers.

Key Event Feedback

We received more entries than ever with 432 applications for 2014, an increase of 102% on last year’s entries. 86% of Varsity Pitch Bootcamp attendees noticed an improvement in their pitching skills after Varsity Pitch Bootcamp

Startup Career Launchpad increased the desire of 50% of survey respondents to work for a startup, with 76% of survey respondents stating they had learned valuable interview techniques for engaging with SMEs after attending SCLP.

This year’s SEC was bigger and more inspiring than ever, with 76% of survey respondents stated that the SEC has motivated them to build up their own business. We also got #TheSEC2015 trending at number 6 on Twitter!

“The UK is recognised as the leading entrepreneurial nation and the NACUE Varsity Pitch competition is a good reminder of why that is. It takes guts, talent and creativity to be a successful entrepreneur, and these attributes are clearly visible in each of the finalists”

Rt Hon Vince Cable MP, Department for Business, Skills and Innovation

“The Startup Career Launchpad helped me so much. One of the speakers today said if you want to get ahead it isn’t always about academics, instead its about your skills and development. I would come back because the event is helpful.” 

Godfrey, Hackney Community College

“The NACUE Student Enterprise conference 2015 was a tremendous success. I was so inspired by the enthusiasm and ambition of university students from all over the UK. [It’s] time business, universities and educators focused on creating the Enterprising Generation. NACUE is a fantastic organisation! It’s growing and Parliament are listening to them.”

Professor David Gibson OBE, Liverpool John Moores University

In the last five years we have connected over 11,300 people across all of our events!

From 2013-2014 we saw an increase of 86% in event attendees and competition entrants. In 2015 we aim to be even bigger with our rebranded Small Companies Big Jobs on tour and further Student Enterprise Question Time fringe events at all party conferences.


At any one time, NACUE works with up to 2,500 enterprise society members across the country, helping to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs. 75% of societies that we work with, have been responsible for developing or supporting a members business. Here we find out more about what our leaders and members get out of being part of the NACUE network.

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Sam Holliday

Peter Bailey

Alex Deung


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