Ed Miliband has announced Labour’s plan to cut university tuition fees in England from £9,000 to £6,000 per year.


Miliband today explained how he aims to cut the fees. The Labour leader has mentioned tax relief on pensions for higher earners.

Ed Miliband said: “What has happened over the last five years is more than just a betrayal of a promise. It is a betrayal of an entire generation: a betrayal from their first steps to the time they stride into the world of work; a betrayal from nursery to school, college to university; a betrayal of the chance of a job and the hope of a home.”

The proposed tuition fees cuts has not been welcomed by some senior Labour party figures, who wonder whether cutting fees should be a priority for investment. The party also promised greater support (in the form on loans and grants) to cover students’ living costs.

The education system should continue to be open to all and support students in their extracurricular activities.

NACUE will be gathering thoughts and opinions of those within our network with our upcoming manifesto as we head towards the next Generation Election.

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