NACUE Chief Executive Johnny Luk discussed youth and enterprise with David Cameron earlier this week.

Johnny was at Number 10 as part of the Prime Minister’s Chinese New Year reception.

Johnny Number 10

Johnny spoke to the Prime Minister about the incredible achievements of students within our network, and our enterprise societies.

His meeting comes shortly after NACUE was highlighted in Lord Young’s Report on Small Firms.

Speaking about the importance of NACUE meeting with policy makers, Johnny said: “With the general election so close politicians are no doubt preoccupied, but at NACUE it’s part of our duty to let politicians know that student enterprise is more important than ever.

“We have to ensure that policies that cater to the next generation of problem solvers are being introduced. We need to keep unlocking the our generation’s potential, as they will [help] fix the world’s problems.”


Johnny told Cameron about the success NACUE enjoyed in recent months including hosting Europe’s biggest Student Enterprise Conference at Liverpool John Moores University. The event attracted over 600 students and graduates from up and down the country, and was a top 10 trending topic in the UK. The rise and success of modern China was celebrated by Cameron who gave a speech. He praised China - the largest economy in the world - for its commercial, trading and investment relationship. Cameron said: “There are twice as many British goods being bought in China today as there were just 4 and three-quarter years ago. So it is an extraordinary success, and part of the success is that Britain has a very clear message for Chinese businesses and investors, which is we want to be the most open and welcoming country that you invest in.” As the country approaches the next General Election there will be greater talks about investment, particularly investment in the next generation of entrepreneurs. NACUE looks forward to being at the forefront of those discussions,  and will be giving youth the chance to be heard with our upcoming manifesto.

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