In celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week,  we’ve launched not one- but two- awesome opportunities for enterprise societies. With a new funding pot of 5k and a new online community for enterprising students, we really do think we’re spoiling you this year.

The Wall is our updated (and better looking) online community for enterprising students and societies. Here you can research and plan your ideas, find funding opportunities, connect with other students and best of all, find your local enterprise society to connect with.


On top of this, we’re giving you the chance to ignite your ideas with a grant of £5,000! Designed to support student ventures within enterprise societies, the Ignition Fund will help you to make your ideas a reality. Universities and colleges are brilliant places to be creative, experimental and make mistakes whilst feeling safe and supported, so we’re looking to fund the most impressive projects and businesses within your enterprise society.

Find out more and apply here!

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