Staff and students of Tower Hamlets celebrated the launch of Tower Hamlets SEEN project with J.P. Morgan, UnLtd, Queen Mary University, Student Hubs and NACUE on Thursday 23rd October. Naomi, our FE Regional Enterprise Coordinator who works with colleges in our network, writes about the event.


NACUE have been working on delivering a project called Tower Hamlets SEEN (Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Network) with UnLtd at Tower Hamlets College. On October 23rd we were able to attend the launch event for the project. The aim of SEEN is to create greater opportunities for young social entrepreneurs to create effective social change that’s sustainable in Tower Hamlets.

Partners of the project: J.P. Morgan, Queen Mary University and Student Hubs were in attendance. There were speeches from partners, including Gerry McDonald, Principal of Tower Hamlets College. In his speech he spoke of his students aspirations and praised the project.

He said: “We need to start where people are and that’s incredibly important because students will never be short of ideas.” Gerry went on to say that seeing ideas materialise is valuable motivation for students.

Johnny Luk, our CEO, discussed NACUE’s involvement with SEEN and how he will be guiding students as they develop enterprise societies within colleges. He also spoke of the importance the project places on student ownership of ideas, and how NACUE intends to support the students throughout their project.

Johnny also expressed his excitement about the project stating that: “It shows how a wide range of partners can work together for a greater cause. Not only does this programme allow students to work together to find important solutions to problems, but the very process of participating in a social enterprise society means you gain confidence, learn teamwork and develop leadership skills.”

At the event we were also able to meet 5 business students who are leading the college’s enterprise society. When we were talking to them about their ideas and aspirations, it was hard not to be infected by their unwavering optimism and enthusiastic energy. By the end of the evening they were networking like professionals and enjoying answering questions about the project, and how they’re going to get other students in the college involved.  Local social entrepreneurs were excited to see what the students came up with, and what they plans are for the future.

There’s a real sense of anticipation surrounding the project and we’re excited to get going in the new half term.

Watch this space!

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