In July, the British Chambers of Commerce undertook a Workforce Survey. They found that 54% of firms believe graduates are not prepared for work and that 88% of firms believe school leavers are not prepared for work.


When asked why they thought this, 57% of firms believed that graduates and school leavers lack soft skills such as communication, team working and resilience, whilst 53% said that educational establishments lack focus on the skills needed for work.

This only reinforces why we do what we do at NACUE. Enterprise societies are the perfect environment to develop these ‘soft skills’, where you can work as a team, be innovative, take risks and interact with the world outside of your studies.

We held Kickstart College Bootcamps throughout 2014 to help college students launch and develop their own enterprise societies. And we were thrilled when 73% of attendees told us they felt more confident about their organisation and planning skills after the event (the type of skills sought by employers.) Checking in later we also found that 66% felt more confident about networking, 65% felt more confident about managing risk and 57% felt more confident about problem solving. 

We understand that there is much more to college and university than books. We believe strongly in education beyond the classroom and the opportunities that enterprise societies offer to build things, learn new skills and make mistakes. Enabling students to explore their talents and interests no matter their degree disciplines, creates more impressive and well rounded individuals leaving education.

This is why we encourage all students to get involved with enterprise. Because the skills learnt and experience gained can help them to fulfil their full potential, whether founding a company or entering the workplace. 

These statistics apply to a sample of FE attendees at Kickstart College Bootcamp (Source, FE Bootcamp Survey 2014)

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