Ahead of our Student Entrepreneurs Question Time events we interviewed a series of enterprising students/graduate entrepreneurs. We asked them about what they were looking forward to most ahead of the three party conferences.

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We spoke to Julieta Ose, 19, founder of OxyOse an all-natural fruit juice. This year she gained a BTEC Business Administration and Management diploma from South Thames College. However Julieta has been involved in entrepreneurship - launching her first business at the age of 14. She has since become a enterprise ambassador touring the UK with Start Up Academy and even NACUE’s Start Up Career Launchpad.

Julieta attended our Conservative Student Entrepreneurs Question Time event in Birmingham last Monday. Before the event she expressed her views and concerns of the current entrepreneurial landscape.

Julieta wanted to get a better idea of what the government is doing to help encourage entrepreneurs to pursue their goals and visions. She said: “[Entrepreneurship’s] not an easy thing to go into…even just to educate young people about it.”

“How are the government going to educate more individuals? How are they gonna get the word out there to really get young individuals excited about entrepreneurship and enterprise and make it fun for them?”

Julieta called for the government to educate young people on what enterprise exactly is. She thanks her teachers for connecting her with those who have educated her about enterprise/entrepreneurship. She says: “I was encouraged by a lot of my teachers and they introduced me to NACUE. Introducing students to NACUE and people who can help really encourage and push individuals forward [is important].”

“I don’t know where I would be without NACUE. They give you great support and great events to go to where you learn and a get hands-on experience [of enterprise]. You hear stuff from actual people who have been there and gone through the journey - so it’s really good to hear from people who have gone through what you’re going through.”

Julieta was one of hundreds of students that came out to our Conservative SEQT to join in on the conversation about enterprise/business. Tonight we will be in Glasgow for the Liberal Democrats conference.

Can’t make it? Make sure you follow us @NACUE and use #SEQT to join in on the debate!

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