Ahead of our Student Entrepreneurs Question Time party conferences we interviewed a series of enterprising students/graduate entrepreneurs. We asked them about what they were looking forward to most ahead of the three party conferences.


Josh, 21, is currently studying Economics and International Business at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is currently working towards setting up an enterprise society called UniBridges. UniBridges aims to offer a variety of services to startups and established businesses as well as fulfilling students entrepreneurship aspirations. UniBridges’ long-term vision is to be the go-to when businesses are looking for students in specific fields. The aim is to provide opportunities for students in societies in the real world.

Josh said he was looking forward to being able to hear the views of panellists on issues surrounding enterprising and entrepreneurial practicing subjects at school. He’s particularly open to hearing their standpoint on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), the future of education and the correlation between education and debt.

Josh believes the government must revisit teaching methods across education levels if they are to get more young people involved in entrepreneurship. He said: “[Government have to] rethink and update teaching methods, for example I.T. teaching methods in schools across the UK are primitive, compared to the pace at which technology moves globally.”

“Computer science should have been a compulsory subject taught at GCSE 10 years ago, not new to 2013. Debt management and personal finance should be instilled from an earlier age, all skills which would arm students at a far younger age to engage with entrepreneurialism. Teach kids to be entrepreneurs as part of life skills teaching!”

Josh was in attendance at our Labour SEQT conference where he joined the discussion on enterprise/business. This week we'll be in Glasgow for the Liberal Democrat conference.

Can’t make it? Make sure you follow us @NACUE and use #SEQT to join in on the debate!

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