How to achieve a work / study / life balance when you're juggling everything

Top tips from Office Genie

Learning to balance a busy lifestyle is a must for anyone interested in starting a business. When studying is also thrown into the mix, it’s even more essential. When getting to grips with balancing your work, your studies and your home life, there are a few things to bear in mind. Lilli Hender, from workplace experts Office Genie, shares her top tips:

Time can be your friend

A big part of coming to terms with a demanding workload is realising there are only so many hours in a day - and finding effective ways to utilise them. A large emphasis is placed on learning to prioritise your tasks: experts have suggested the best time to do anything is your biological prime time, find yours, work then and you should be more efficient and effective. Another technique is to blitz through the minor tasks first thing to leave yourself time to concentrate on the major jobs. You can also operate on a reward system: give yourself windows in which to get a task done and reward yourself if you manage it - make sure the reward is actually a treat and you’ll be more likely to succeed!

Consider compartmentalising

Unsurprisingly, what you do physically has an impact on your mental state. If you choose different locations for your work, study, and ‘me’ time, it can help to separate them in your mind. This will allow you to concentrate on one area at a given time. Unless you struggle to work or study outside of your home, try to reserve this space for your personal use. The library is the obvious choice for studying; and the workplace, for work. If you don’t yet have an office, a co-working hub can be a brilliant solution: a space designed with professionalism and productivity in mind.

Rest and recuperate

If you’ve become used to overworking yourself, it can be easy to carry on in the same pattern. Learning to say no to unnecessary commitments is a good place to start to free up some time. Whether it’s work, study, or home commitments, being honest is the best way: simply explain you’re trying to make some time for yourself. That said, remember to reserve space for the things you enjoy - after all, you work better when you’re happy! Don’t lose hobbies or time with friends and family to work and study. It’s crucial to look after your physical and emotional wellbeing: the better care you take of yourself, the better you’ll function in all aspects of life.  

Remember the reasons why

Reminding yourself what it is you’re working towards can help to inspire your studies and your work. Goals can often feel intangible so creating a physical reminder - a motivational poster for example - and setting it within your sights can be a good way to spur you on. Higher education is about furthering your career prospects but it’s also about getting to know yourself; hard work is rewarding but so is having fun. Achieving a happy equilibrium is difficult but try these tips, and it should become a little easier.     office-genie-logo AUTHOR BIO Lilli Hender is staff writer at the desk and office space marketplace She writes on a range of topics, from workplace wellbeing to office pets.

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