PwC launch first product for startups

PwC hosted a brilliant workshop at the Student Enterprise Conference to help attendees plan, launch and grow a business. They are now thrilled to announce the launch of their first product for startups!

'It was great to meet some of you at the PwC workshop at the SEC2016 on Sunday 21st February, it was a fantastic day and great to meet so many entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas!

We were so excited to introduce our latest product to all the attendees - if you haven't heard of us yet, we've developed PwC's first ever product for the startup community. It's called Startup Journey and it is a platform for startups and entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their business. It includes information from all areas of PwC ranging from tax to legal, and it's all online for free! 

We're launched our first 'beta' product but we've got a long way to go. To improve, we really need feedback to understand the good, the bad and especially the ugly of our site:

We've love to hear the thoughts from the NACUE community, so please have a look at some of our free content and give your opinion on the site. You can also join our community to hear about future content and tools!'

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