Tio, NACUE Varsity Pitch winner, launches on kickstarter to inspire the next generation

Launching on kickstarter today, Tio is the kit anyone can use to create app-controlled toys and inventions with everyday objects and materials. With Tio you can animate everything, from a mobile controlled GoPro to a lego robot and from a craft lighthouse to a rotating UFO.  Tio enables anyone with no technical expertise to transform any combination of objects and materials - from craft to lego sets - into app-controlled machines with moving parts! It allows your machines to perform tasks such as lifting and carrying objects, mounting obstacles, flapping wings, flashing coded messages with LED colour sequences, or driving and rotating at different speeds. Founded by three UK graduates -  Peter Spence, Ashley Wiltshire and Mario Morello - Tio is based at InnovationRCA, the Royal College of Art’s centre for enterprise and entrepreneurship.


Peter Spence, co-founder and inventor of Tio says “As a child I vividly remember building a wooden racing car with my grandpa and the urge to get it moving and racing like a real car. I couldn’t make my toys move without a little help from gravity so I started thinking... what if there was a magic engine to do that? Fast forward 20 years and following an engineering degree, I set out to invent my dream toy to be enjoyed by kids of all ages.” Mario Morello, co-founder of Tio says “We believe it should be simple and fun for anyone, anywhere to easily create their own toys and inventions that can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet. By combining craft and tech, the feeling of creating with your hands and the latest technology, we aim to inspire the next generation with a new way of inventing, playing and learning together.” The Tio team won the NACUE Varsity Pitch competition to find the greatest college and university entrepreneurs in Britain, judged by a panel of technology industry leaders from Microsoft to Tata which said "Tio could really contribute to enthusing young people about engineering and be a thoroughly enjoyable part of their STEM experience". The Tio team need your help to inspire future generations. To support Tio on kickstarter and learn more about the product, click here! Pledges start at £5. Please spread the word on social media! Tio’s social media: TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

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