Last week the Labour party elected Jeremy Corbyn MP as the Leader of the Labour Party. Our community congratulate him on this immensely important role as the official opposition that holds the Government to account. 

NACUE is a non political charity that enjoys political support across the spectrum, including from Labour. We welcome the new energy created from the back of thousands of young people in securing Corbyn in post, and we urge him to harness that enthusiasm in shaping future political decisions. Last month Corbyn announced his commitment to entrepreneurship, including reduction in tax for small businesses and adding more training for young people. We are intrigued by this and encourage him to push even harder for pro business, pro innovation and pro internationalism agendas. 
We believe that the best way to solidify our economy recovery is by creating the conditions for growth, which means credible economic policies that provide a platform for startups to thrive, including access to finance, market stability and low interest rates. 
We look forward to continuing our engagement with Labour on promoting student entrepreneurship, a mission that will ultimately strengthen our economy and bring prosperity to our country and beyond. 

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