On the 12th of June, NACUE embarked on a groundbreaking partnership with The Bakery (a top second stage tech accelerator) to bring great minds together through a series of events. We kicked off with The Proving Ground, an informal gathering at The Bakery HQ in East London. Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 15.15.37 Over 40 supporters from a wide range of degree backgrounds and age groups came to listen to entrepreneurial journeys and understand the opportunities in the entrepreneurial space. During the event The Bakery hosted real life challenges facing major organisations and invited supporters to propose solutions. The Bakery’s philosophy is to match problems facing corporates with solutions suggested by would be entrepreneurs, and if the chemistry (or the baking temperature!) is correct, the entrepreneurs would commence their start up in the safe knowledge that there is already a huge customer! The Bakery Co-Founder and serial entrepreneur Andrew Humphries said: ‘I was really impressed by the desire and passion of the students. Not just smart people, it felt that there was a lot of latent entrepreneurial talent in the room; I met many who are clearly already well advanced on their journey, and we at The Bakery are keen to continue to engage and provide even more avenues for them to explore.’  NACUE CEO Johnny Luk said: ‘We are absolutely delighted to work with a top accelerator like The Bakery. We have an incredibly large and talented network, and we want to continue to give our network practical opportunities to realise their innovative potential.’ This event is merely a starting point for further collaborations as we look forward to the new academic term! Follow us on Twitter @nacue for updates. Looking for support for your startup? Discover how NACUE Talent can help you.

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