Last week saw the completion of our Small Companies BIG Jobs tour, in association with the BVCA and supported by Give A Grad A Go. We finished off the tour in style, with two big events engaging over several hundred students at both University College London and Goldsmiths. small co big jo We loved this year's tour, connecting with hundreds of small businesses from 18 counties, as far north as Midlothian and as far South as Kent. You will have seen, heard and spoken with founders, COO’s and board members, and perhaps even got yourself a new job? You don’t get that at your average careers event!

Here are some of the things we learned about landing a job in a small business:

1) Research, research, research   Small business doesn’t mean that the basics don’t apply. Take time to look at the company on social media and learn more about the founders. Check out any press, videos or interviews and use this when approaching them. Be flattering though, not creepy! 2) Highlight a problem they have and demonstrate how you can solve it If you think you can increase their revenue by implementing a new strategy, tell them. Just make sure you show them how good you are without criticising what the company are currently doing. 3) Understand what you have to offer and prove it Be confident in the skills you have and where you can use them. For example, you may be an expert communicator or programmer, so look for the companies that are struggling in these departments. Don't just tell them about your skills but prove it (with a qualification, personal website or published article for example). 4) Learn to code or become a kick-ass social media expert The world is becoming more and more digital (in case you hadn’t noticed), from labs to offices, sales jobs to mechanics. The more you understand about tech, the better prepared you will be for the future. And it doesn’t have to cost you a penny- with amazing resources like Coursera, Youtube and specialist free online courses such as Dash from General Assembly. Small companies rely on people to stand up and be counted, go the extra mile and make personal sacrifices for the benefit of the company. The world of work is an exciting one, with many ups and downs but there is no better place to start than in the exciting land of startups and small business. Setting up a business or looking for work? Discover how NACUE Talent can help you.

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