Help us to understand the needs of web entrepreneurs in Europe

Are you between 20 and 30 years old? Are you a student, a recent graduate, a young researcher, or a university alumni member? Are you interested in tech (web) entrepreneurship?

Then we need your help!

We've teamed up with organisations across Europe on a project called MY-WAY. Funded by the European Commission, it aims to help young adults become web entrepreneurs by giving them access to educational and training material and by engaging student networks and student entrepreneurship centres. Find out more here.

We have created this survey in order to identify the needs and capabilities of the young adults in different European countries, as a preliminary way to better understand current gaps and problems and to improve the web entrepreneurship ecosystem.

If you are interested in web entrepreneurship, here’s your chance to have your say!

In return you could win:

- Free of charge participation at NACUE events or of certain partners (ex. AEGEE, YES)

- Online consultation with Capital Enterprise

- Access to web streaming for certain events

- Mentoring sessions 

The survey consists of multiple-choice questions. Your data will be handled in accordance with AEGEE-Europe’s Data Privacy Policy Statement.

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