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Small Companies Big Jobs is NACUE’s annual tour of events focused on connecting students and graduates with the amazing opportunities available with local startups. We invite startups and SME’s to exhibit the roles, internships and opportunities available with them at regional careers events, hosted by Universities across the UK.

Small Companies BIG Jobs connects students and graduates with the startups and SMEs looking to hire right now. Whether you’re studying computer science or graduating in psychology, these ‘careers fair’ style events are designed  to show you the range of career options small businesses can offer.

Many students will turn to larger graduate schemes upon completing their degrees or qualifications. This is great, but only a small minority will consider working within the UK’s vibrant (and wealth creating) small business sector. We want to show these talented individuals the opportunities and career prospects working for a small business can afford.

Whether it’s the greater opportunity to make an impact early in your career, or the chance to work in an industry you’re passionate about, smaller businesses have so much to offer talented students and graduates!

The events in 2015

Wondering about some of the benefits of working at a startup?


Training and Development

Working in a startup will see you thrown into a ‘live’ job from day one, with colleagues all juggling several roles, often with a fluid approach to training. You will gain most of your skills ‘on the job’, developing your soft and hard skills with the ability to use your own initiative.


Career Prospects

Chief Exec by 21, Head of Tech by 25, Marketing Manager at 23, how did they do it? They joined a small business and seized the opportunities when they came along. There is no set structure to a start up which means you have a far better chance of progressing through the company to management than in a traditional setting.


The Next Generation Office

Don’t believe the hype- not all offices in the startup community look like a cross between a soft play area and an ikea catalogue. That said, not many of them are in huge office blocks in Canary Wharf (although there are a few). In most small companies, it is likely you will see the whole team in one room, giving you easy access to the senior management team, as well as more streamlined internal communications.


Finances of Working in a StartUp

If you want a reliable, regular wage (and full-time job security) stick to big business. Unless you are joining a business with a recent monster investment, the finances can be a little more free-form in a small busines


Help Build something Amazing

You can help shape the future of a small business from day one, whereas only a very gifted few will make it to the boardroom of the established businesses. So, it’s up to you. Do you want to be a small cog in huge machine or a specialist part of a bespoke model?

Exhibiting at the Events

Connect with students looking for positions within startups, connect with other startups and connect with institutions which have the greatest talent-pool right across the UK. Through Small Companies Big Jobs, you can develop an ongoing relationship between your company and the host institutions, cutting down the time required for recruitment and getting the support you need for your next hire.

We know how time consuming recruitment can be, in what is an already busy team. Help us help you find the right person for your business at one of our regional events.

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